Odd Squad

Odd Squad inspires kids to join forces with kid agents to solve "odd" problems using math.


  • The Problem with Pentagurps/Three Portals Down

    Odd Squad is overrun with Pentagurps!/ The Agents to battle oddness on Shmumber Farms.
  • Can You Wrangle It/Ahead of the Times

    Orla and Oswald must get their creature-handling licenses!/The Puppy Master strikes!
  • Double O Trouble

    The Agents try to stop Aarti from turning the city to paper dolls.
  • Mission O Possible/Nature of the Sand Beast

    The Mobile Unit learns more about Little O/The Agents must stop Dr. Dry and the Sandbeast.
  • H2 Oh No/In Your Dreams

    The Agents head to William Ocean’s lair. / The Mobile Unit must go into Little O’s dreams.
  • Box Trot/O for a Day

    Villains set out to steal a box of powers. / The Mobile Unit fills in for Seattle Mr. O.
  • Odd Off the Press

    The Odd Squad Mobile Unit has a new member...and new challenges.
  • End of the Road

    The Mobile Unit must head “Down Under” to Australia to stop “The Shadow”.


  • OddTube: How Odd is Odd Squad?

    Olympia shows everyone how odd Odd Squad really is... but first, the OddTube seal results!
  • OddTube: Meet Agent Olo

    Hey Oddballs! Olympia here with a new segment called... GET TO KNOW AN AGENT!
  • OddTube: Oona Fills In

    Howdy-do Oddballs! Oona fills in for Agent Olympia.
  • OddTube: Your Questions Part 2

    What up Oddballs?! Olympia here to answer more of your questions about Odd Squad!
  • OddTube: Your Questions

    Olympia answers your questions!
  • OddTube: Welcome to OddTube

    Welcome to OddTube, oddballs! Olympia shares the top 19 facts about herself.
  • OddTube: What's Inside My Desk

    Hey oddballs, have you ever wondered what's inside Agent Olympia's desk?
  • Happy Twelve-iversary (212)

    For her 12th video, Orla decides to celebrate!

About Odd Squad

If there’s a fire, you call the fire department. A robbery? You call the police. But if you wake to find that your dog has been doubled, or that your spouse has just shrunk-that's when you call Odd Squad. Odd Squad inspires kids, ages 6-8, to join forces with kid agents to solve "odd" problems using math. <br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 4-8<br/> <strong>Educational Goal:<\/strong> Mathematics