Nature Cat

Nature Cat encourages kids to explore and develop connections with the natural world.


  • Hal The Duck/The Crow-lympics

    Hal finds a lone bird’s egg in the woods. / It’s time for the Crow-lympics!
  • More Than A Monkey Wrench/Trail Blazers

    Nature Cat hikes with his Norwegian Navy Wrench. / Nature Cat explores a new trail.
  • Sweet Symbiosis/Strawberry Fields Forever

    Nature Cat meets Bridget the hermit crab. / Nature Cat goes to a strawberry farm.
  • Under Pressure/Rainy Day

    Ronald wants to visit Yellowstone Park. / Oh no, it's raining outside!
  • The Mystery of the Grand Canyon/The Strongest Show on Earth

    Nature Cat and the gang go to the Grand Canyon. / Time for the Strongest Show on Earth!
  • Niagara Falls/Nature Plan

    The gang visits Niagara Falls. / Nature Cat runs out of energy! Oh no!
  • Tally Ho, A Volcano!/No Rest for the Squeeky

    Welcome to the Amateur Volcanologist Club! / Squeeks says she doesn’t need sleep.
  • Great Salt Lake/Praying Mantis Hunter

    Nature Cat wants go see the Colossal Cat Monument! / It’s time for the Bugaboo Bash! /


  • The Return of Bad Dog Bart

    Hal unearths Bad Dog Bart's second treasure map which leads to his loot of cat toys!
  • Ocean Commotion

    Nature Cat goes on an aquatic adventure to save Mr. Chewinsky. Onward and yonward!

About Nature Cat

Nature Cat is a new animated series designed to encourage kids to explore and develop connections with the natural world. The show follows Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. Once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat, "backyard explorer extraordinaire!"<br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 6-8<br/> <strong>Educational Goal:<\/strong> Science