Capturing the splendor of the natural world, from the African plains to the Antarctic ice.


  • American Arctic

    Follow the planet’s longest land-animal migration in Alaska.
  • Hippo King

    Discover the true character of one of the planet’s largest land mammals, the hippo bull.
  • American Horses

    Meet the uniquely American horse breeds that helped shape our nation.
  • The Ocean’s Greatest Feast

    The story of South Africa’s sardine run is brought vividly to life on camera.
  • Penguins: Meet the Family

    Meet all 18 species of penguins from around the world.
  • Australia | Animals with Cameras

    Australian animals take cameras into their secret world.
  • Oceans | Animals with Cameras

    Get a first-person look at the lives of ocean creatures like sharks, turtles and gannets.
  • Growing Up | Born in the Rockies

    Young animals face new challenges as winter envelopes the Rocky Mountains.


  • Welcome to PBS Nature

    NATURE is a voice for the natural world.
  • The Orphan Owl | Backyard Nature

    Wildlife Filmmaker Ana Salceda made an unlikely companion during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Running With The Herd: The Recovery | A NATURE Short Film

    A decimated Bighorn sheep population begins their journey to a spectacular comeback.
  • Mythbusting Opossum Facts | Backyard Nature

    Explore the myths and misconceptions surrounding the widely misunderstood opossum.
  • First-Time Birders | Birding 101 with Sheridan Alford

    Learn how to prepare for your first birder expedition with Sheridan Alford.
  • Tigers: Clawing Back | A NATURE Short Film

    Since the 90s, conservationists have worked to understand the many threats to tigers.
  • Birding Tips and Tricks | Birding 101 with Sheridan Alford

    Learn tips and tricks to help you to bird like a pro with Sheridan Alford.
  • Inside Montana's Living Laboratory | A NATURE Short Film

    Explore Montana's "living laboratory" with a group of conservationists.

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