Molly of Denali

Join Molly, an Alaska Native girl, and friends on their adventures in beautiful Alaska.


  • Trini's Super Coop/Trini's Winter Warm-Up

    Can Trini get eggs in time for her mom's return?/Molly helps Trini warm up to the cold.
  • Molly & Elizabeth/Uqiquq (Throw Party)

    Molly learns about Elizabeth Peratrovich. / Tooey attempts to learn the Yup’ik language.
  • Come Back, Birdie!/Winter is Coming

    Molly tries to attract a rare hummingbird. / Molly and Tooey prepare for the winter.
  • Butterflies and Bunny Babies/Every Meow and Again

    Molly and Trini find baby hares in their garden. / Molly and Tooey find a stray cat.
  • Episode 8: Awesome Info Kids: Capoeira

    Odin names some of his favorite things about Capoeira and runs us through the basics!
  • Episode 7: Awesome Info Kids: Vlogging about India

    Shireen shows us how to make a vlog by tapping into her Indian heritage!
  • Episode 6: Awesome Info Kids: Homemade Dumplings

    Oliver is filled in on how to make dumplings at home from restaurateur Joanne Chang!
  • Episode 5: Awesome Info Kids: Ballet

    Amani is eager to pointe out some of her favorite moves from ballet class!


About Molly of Denali

Join Molly, an Alaska Native girl, her dog Suki, and friends Tooey and Trini on their adventures in epically beautiful Alaska. And along the way, Molly’s life is enhanced, kept on track, and flat-out SAVED by maps, guide books, websites, weather reports, and more.