Finding Your Roots

Join Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in Finding Your Roots on PBS!


  • Coming to America

    Nancy Pelosi, Norah O’Donnell, and Zac Posen discover surprising roots.
  • Breaking Silences

    Gayle King, Jordan Peele, and Issa Rae discover surprising roots.
  • Flight

    Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong’o, and Lidia Bastianich discover surprising roots.
  • War Stories

    Julianne Moore, Bill Hader, and Kehinde Wiley discover surprising rates.
  • DNA Mysteries

    Téa Leoni and Joe Madison discover surprising roots.
  • Fashion's Roots

    Diane Von Furstenberg, Narciso Rodriguez, and RuPaul Charles discover surprising roots.
  • Criminal Kind

    Laura Linney, Lisa Ling, and Soledad O’Brien discover surprising roots.
  • Italian Roots

    Jimmy Kimmel, Marisa Tomei, and John Turturro meet ancestors who made immense sacrifices.

About Finding Your Roots

For more than a decade, renowned Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has helped to expand America’s sense of itself, stimulating a national conversation about identity with humor, wisdom, and compassion. Professor Gates has explored the ancestry of dozens of influential people from diverse backgrounds, taking millions of viewers deep into the past to reveal the connections that bind us all.