Deep Look

KQED takes us deep into the small, beautiful world of biology.


  • These Stick Insects Are Three Times Weirder Than You Think

    A twig is actually just one of many disguises for the Australian walking stick insect.
  • These Swarming Locusts Are Grasshoppers Gone Wrong

    They might look like harmless grasshoppers, but locusts have an appetite for destruction.
  • How a Kissing Bug Becomes a Balloon Full of Your Blood

    A kissing bug gorges on your blood, plus it may carry a potentially deadly parasite.
  • Skeleton Shrimp Use 18 Appendages to Feed, Fight and Frolic

    Skeleton shrimp anatomy can be confusing, with their funky assortment of body parts.
  • Tadpole Shrimp Are Coming For Your Rice

    Tadpole shrimp are a special type of time-traveling crustacean called triops.
  • You Can’t Unsee the Assassin Bug’s Dirty Work

    The assassin bug commits murder by stabbing. But does this perpetrator have an accomplice?
  • These Rare Damselflies Find Love With a Twist in Fog City

    Most damselflies prefer sun, but the quirky San Francisco forktail damselfly digs the fog.
  • Once a Spawn a Time: Horseshoe Crabs Mob the Beach

    Horseshoe crabs may look scary, but really they’re lovers, not fighters.

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