Deep Look

KQED takes us deep into the small, beautiful world of biology.


  • Ever Seen a Starfish Gallop?

    They may look cute and colorful, but starfish are actually voracious predators.
  • Watch These Peregrine Falcons Become Fierce Parents

    Fallcon stars Annie and Grinnell face the tough demands of raising a family.
  • Is a Spider's Web a Part of Its Mind?

    Orb weaver spiders build webs not only to catch insects, but to extend their senses.
  • What Actually Makes Water Roll Off a Duck's Back?

    Ducks and geese spend *a lot* of time preening their all-weather feathers.
  • Here’s How That Annoying Fly Dodges Your Swatter

    Don't despair – there *is* a trick to smacking these infuriating insects.
  • Why Jelly Fish Float Like A Butterfly, and Sting Like A Bee

    Jellyfish don't have a heart, or blood, or even a brain.
  • See Sea Hares Scour Seagrass by the Seashore

    These sea slugs may look lazy, but eelgrass sea hares are actually environmental heroes.
  • This is NOT a Dandelion.

    Not every yellow bloom ― or fluffy white globe ― taking over your backyard is a dandelion.

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