Deep Look

KQED takes us deep into the small, beautiful world of biology.


  • Why Did the Mexican Jumping Bean Jump?

    Each seed is home to a head-banging moth larva, trying to survive the Sonoran Desert sun.
  • Born Pregnant: Aphids Invade With an Onslaught of Clones

    Female aphids are matriarchs of a successful family operation — taking over your garden.
  • Firebrats and Silverfish Are Rocking Some Old-School Looks

    Firebrats and silverfish are pretty darn similar to some of the earliest insects on Earth.
  • Archerfish Says..."I Spit in Your Face!"

    Is this fish smarter than it looks?
  • Roly Polies Came From the Sea to Conquer the Earth

    Whatever you call them, there’s something less creepy about these critters than others.
  • Why Reindeer and Their Cousins are Total Boneheads

    What if you had to grow 20 pounds of bone on your forehead each year just to find a mate?
  • These Acrobatic Beach Hoppers Shred All Night Long

    After sunset, tiny crustaceans called beach hoppers emerge from sandy underground burrows.
  • These Mites Rain Down To Save Your Strawberries

    Two tiny mites duke it out on strawberry plants throughout California.

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