Crafts for Kids

Make fun and easy crafts for kids!


  • Encouragement Jar

    Your child can pull a card from their jar every morning or whenever she needs a boost.
  • Play a Storytelling Game

    Roll homemade dice and use your imagination to tell a unique story.
  • Make a Hero Self Portrait

    Help your child draw a self portrait and write down qualities that represent who she is.
  • Moon Rock Painting

    Recreate the texture of regolith and then use it to paint a paper moon.
  • Magnet Fishing

    Explore common items in your house and see if magnets will stick to them.
  • Friction Racing

    Build a ramp and then use a toy car to test which of the two surfaces has less friction.
  • Exploring Gravity with a Catapult

    Use a combination of simple machines to build a catapult.
  • Shadow Play

    Use a flashlight to explore blocking light and creating different sizes of shadows.

About Crafts for Kids

Focusing on simple, fun and family-friendly projects, this weekly series encourages parents to spend meaningful time with their kids making crafts. Many of the projects include recyclable materials, things you already have in your home, and feature PBS KIDS characters.