Crafts for Kids

Make fun and easy crafts for kids!


  • Measure Things Without a Ruler

    Get creative with your child by using unusual objects for measuring.
  • Create a Yup’ik Dance Fan

    Illustrate your stories with a feathery dance fan called a Tegumiaq in the Yup’ik language
  • Explore What Saturn’s Rings Are Made of With 3D Art

    Learn about Saturn’s rings by creating 3D art with your child.
  • Play a Senses Discovery Game

    Challenge your child to identify objects using different senses!
  • Falling for Fun: Drop and Investigate

    Test and observe how different objects fall.
  • Make a Butterfly Costume

    Learn about the different parts of butterflies by creating your own butterfly costume.
  • Hide and Seek With Camouflaged Animals

    Help your child understand camouflage with a game of hide and seek.
  • Observe With a DIY Magnifying Glass

    Magnify the fun with a closer look at the world through a homemade magnifying glass.

About Crafts for Kids

Focusing on simple, fun and family-friendly projects, this weekly series encourages parents to spend meaningful time with their kids making crafts. Many of the projects include recyclable materials, things you already have in your home, and feature PBS KIDS characters.