Be Smart

A show about science, but probably not science the way you're used to it.


  • Can We Actually Clean Up the Plastic Pollution Problem?

    We explore what we can actually do about pollution.
  • Why Do We Dream?

    We explore why we dream.
  • What Is Nothing?

    This is a video about nothing. Hope you learn something!
  • Inside the Largest Living Thing On Earth

    The biggest thing that has ever lived on Earth… is a tree? Hard to believe, but it’s true!
  • Sand Dunes Shouldn’t Exist (Here’s Why They Do)

    We travel to Great Sand Dunes National Park to climb the largest sand dunes in America.
  • I Can't Believe We're Making Another COVID Video

    Another Covid Video.
  • How the Zebra REALLY Got Its Stripes?

    Learn how different animals get their stripes.
  • How Much Of You Is Alive?

    There are parts of you that are living and dying at the same time. We find out how much.


  • The Superb Owl!

    Let’s celebrate a champion of the bird world: Stealthy and silent owls!
  • The 12 Days of Evolution - Complete Series!

    All 12 days… in ONE video!
  • The Surprising Origin of Thanksgiving Foods

    I’m thankful for science. And also pie.
  • Do Animals Mourn Their Dead?

    Joe brings in a few friends to look at death in the animal kingdom.

About Be Smart

This is a show about science. But it's probably not about science the way you're used to it. Hosted by Joe Hanson, author of the science blog, It's Okay to be Smart. Part of the PBS Digital Studios network.