America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston

Take a new journey across the US to find how we work, play and interact with the outdoors.


  • Utah: Choose Your Path

    Discover the healing power of nature in Utah.
  • Oregon: New Heights

    Discover Oregon’s wild landscapes and how they shape its outdoor culture.
  • New Mexico: Timeless

    Baratunde explores how New Mexico’s deep history shapes people’s outdoor lives.
  • Arkansas: Hidden Gems

    Arkansas is on a mission to earn recognition as a wild mecca.
  • Suwannee: Wild River

    Baratunde journeys down one of the last wild rivers in America, the Suwannee.
  • Minnesota: A Better World

    Baratunde travels to northern Minnesota to find out what the wild means to Americans today
  • Tidewater: Homecoming

    On the North Carolina coast, Baratunde discovers how history shapes the outdoors.
  • Appalachia: A Different Way

    In Appalachia, Baratunde meets the people changing how we see and interact with nature.


  • Understory | How Engineered Mosquitos Could Save Birds

    Discover how bacteria could be the key to stopping mosquito-borne illnesses.
  • Understory | Can Dam Demolition Save California's Salmon?

    What happens when you remove dams that changed the Klamath River a hundred years ago?
  • Understory | Can Ancient Wisdom Save the Forests?

    Forests are in trouble, but could ancient wisdom be the answer to saving our trees?
  • Understory | We’re Running Out of Sand

    Sand may seem unremarkable, but the modern world is built on it and we’re running out.
  • Understory | The Movement to Save Our Night Skies

    Explore one small town’s mission to save the night sky and help migrating birds.
  • Understory | What's It Like To Be A Falconer

    Baratunde meets a falconer who believes that humans and animals can coexist together.
  • Understory | Rock Climbing's Troubled Route Naming Tradition

    Baratunde meets a rock climber who is working to diversify the sport.
  • Understory | How the Houseplant Boom Fueled Plant Poaching

    Baratunde meets a plant parent who is bringing awareness to the issue of plant poaching.

About America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston

AMERICA OUTDOORS with BARATUNDE THURSTON returns with a brand-new season as the best-selling writer, podcaster and comedian travels the country to uncover our complex relationship with the outdoors. From biologists saving snapping turtles to BIPOC mountain bikers, Baratunde meets a fascinating cast of characters with one thing in common: a passion for being outside.