The True Story of 3D Printing

By Mike Switzer

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By now, most people are aware of 3D printing.  But what most people are apparently confused about is who actually invented it.  While our next guest is mostly known as the father of modern kayaking, he is, in fact, also the owner of the first patent for 3D printing.

Mike Switzer interviews Bill Masters, kayaker, inventor, and entrepreneur in Travelers Rest, SC.

Technology Is Providing New Skills to South Carolina Medical Residents

By John Lewis

Resident Dr. Sara Khalil uses telehealth to reach patients in their home environment.

The next generation of doctors are studying at the Medical University of South Carolina and many even stay in the area for residency and beyond.

Dr. Sara Khalil is one such student. She is months away from graduating the residency program at MUSC/Trident Health in Charleston. She’s learning how to care for patients of all ages, and the MUSC/Trident residency program is also teaching her to care for a patient who never has to leave their house to see her.

Telehealth: Providing Access Across South Carolina

By John Lewis

Telehealth in SC

South Carolina is a state facing many difficulties in the area of health. Poverty, poor access to care, costs, long distances, a shortage of providers, and a history of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and high levels of stroke and diabetes, permeate the state with uncertainties. 

Due to combined efforts, South Carolina is now on the edge of a new frontier in health care. Telehealth offers new ways of delivering care through the use of video and audio technologies. 

Telehealth Expands to Increase Access to Care in South Carolina

By John Lewis

Telehealth patient having a live consult

The Brant family was searching for answers.

Baby Kynzie had wide-set eyes, and a small bridge to her nose. Her mother Lindsey recalled, “she was having pretty much all the same problems I was having.”

Lindsey Brant saw doctors for the same issues when she was a child, but she said she never got a proper diagnosis. Twenty-four years later, she learned her daughter’s diagnosis from more than 100 miles away.

Geneticist Offers a New Option for Families Seeking Answers

By Taylor Crouch

A family sits in the waiting room for their telehealth appointment.

While patients at the Greenwood Genetic Center’s (GGC) Florence site might wait to see a geneticist in person, they now have another choice—to see a geneticist over a secure video conference, or telehealth.

Telehealth gives patients more appointment options to choose from, which could allow them to see a geneticist sooner. In late 2016, GGC began offering telehealth appointments at their Florence site, which has no full-time geneticist. In fact, when it comes to clinical geneticists, South Carolina mirrors geneticist shortages nationwide.  

Q&A | Learn to Love Engineering with RumbleLab

By Andrea Esselman

Moultrie Ball, founder of Rumble Lab

School can be boring. Summer can be boring, too. Honestly, kids find a lot of things “boring.” Moultrie Ball experienced this in his own childhood, and now he combats the boredom in other children by teaching them important science and engineering concepts through his company, RumbleLab. The company sends kits to subscribers on a monthly basis, and these kits have building projects that introduce engineering topics to kids in a fun and interactive way.

Q&A | Making Columbia a Hub for Innovation

By Andrea Esselman

Panelists discussing questions

What draws people to a city? What makes people stay? What really makes a city a great place to be?

These questions and others were discussed in the recently renovated City Hall in downtown Columbia on the night of June 8 as a way to bring together the arts, business and technology, and government communities, in collaboration, to make Columbia a better place for innovation.