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Tameika Isaac Devine | Women Vision SC

June 5, 2020 - Posted in Local by Linda O'Bryon

Founding Partner at Jabber, & Isaac, P.A.
Columbia City Council, 5th Term

Tameika Isaac Devine was age 29 when she ran for office for the first time.  She became the first African American female and the youngest person on the Columbia City Council.  She recalls winning that election by less than 200 votes. “If those 200 people did not vote, I wouldn’t be here today.”  Now some 18 years later, Tameika Isaac Devine continues in her 5th term on the Columbia City Council.  She is the founding partner in her law firm, Jabber & Isaac, PA.  She is also an author and public speaker.  Isaac Devine launched The Possibilities Institute, a business through which she offers life coaching.  She describes her personal passion as “helping working moms conquer overwhelm in order to perform their best at work and at home.”  She also serves as Co-Chair of the National League of Cities’ Youth Education and Families Council, and as a board member for Women in Municipal Government and the national Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials.

About the Honoree

Tameika Isaac Devine is an elected official, attorney and a leading expert and speaker on work-life integration for busy working moms whose insights have been featured in CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, Jet Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post and more. 

As a busy working mom and wife, Tameika understands the challenges that can come with trying to excel both at home and at work. Tameika’s personal passion is in helping working moms conquer overwhelm in order to perform their best at work and at home. She is an advocate for women in leadership and speaks on work-life balance/integration, leadership and networking, and politics and community engagement. Additionally, she has authored multiple books including, “Think Like A CEO, Act Like A Mom: The Pursuit of Work Life Integration” where she shares the perfect blend of sage advice and personal anecdotes to explain how working moms can truly have it all. 

First elected in 2002 at the age of 29, Tameika is currently in her 5th term on Columbia, South Carolina city council. Tameika is a partner in the law firm of Jabber & Isaac, PA. She is also the Founder of The Possibilities Institute, LLC, a peak performance public speaking, coaching and consulting firm specializing in working with women leaders and working moms to help them with strategies to excel professionally while still maintaining a family first lifestyle. Tameika’s leadership has been recognized nationally. She has been named one of the 50th Most Influential People in the Midlands by Columbia Business Monthly and a 2018 Woman of Influence by the Columbia Regional Business Report. She was selected by Governing Magazine to be one of their 20 leaders in the Women in Government Leadership Program. Tameika also serves as Co-Chair of the National League of Cities’ Youth Education and Families Council and as a board member of The National League of Cities, Women in Municipal Government and the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials. 

Tameika and her husband Jamie co-host a monthly show entitled with Date Night With The Devines, where they discuss with other high achieving couples love, marriage, raising a family and building success careers. They are the proud parents of three (3) children, Tamia (14), Jade (8) and Jameson (2). They are also the parents of an angel baby, James Henry, who was born into heaven in 2014.

About Women Vision SC

Women Vision SC is a program that focuses on issues affecting women throughout the state and the nation and a new generation of young people pursuing public service for their communities and the state at large. The program is produced and hosted by former SCETV president Linda O’Bryon.

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