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Coronavirus patient takes comfort from remote monitoring

May 18, 2020 - Posted in Health by JT Hydrick

As COVID-19 positive patients seek treatment, many are turning to remote monitoring via Telehealth as a way to manage their symptoms and maintain contact with their healthcare providers. 

Some patients have reported difficulty getting tested and receiving treatment, due to changes in onsite office procedures. COVID-19 patient Mashanda Ardister of North Charleston found successful treatment through MUSC’s Remote Patient Monitoring program, “Knowing that I had access to a nurse, to a doctor, and someone who was actually monitoring my symptoms on a daily basis gave me a sense of peace.” 

Doctors and healthcare providers from around the state are embracing this shift toward Telehealth and advocating for its continued use into the future. “We are in a revolution, as far as how healthcare is delivered. We’ve gone from doing maybe 2% of our healthcare via telehealth to maybe doing 60 or 70% during this virus. And we’re never going back.” said Dr. Leslie Lenert, Director of the Biomedical Informatics Center at MUSC. 


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