South Carolina ETV partnership highlights the value telehealth brings to patients in South Carolina

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South Carolina ETV and Public Radio (SCETV) will explore evolving healthcare services, including telehealth and virtual care, to enhance accessibility and improve patient outcomes during Telehealth Awareness Week, observed Sept. 17-23. During Telehealth Awareness Week, SCETV will be sharing stories of patients, families, clinicians and others, on-air and online.

SCETV is a member of the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance. For the last six years, in collaboration with the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance, SCETV has dissected the complexities of telehealth. The goal of the partnership is to elevate public understanding and knowledge of telehealth and its diverse services in South Carolina.  

In honor of the advancements in telehealth initiatives in the state, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has declared September 17-23 as Telehealth Awareness Week in South Carolina. This year, SCETV will also join the American Telemedicine Association in supporting the third-annual National Telehealth Awareness Week being observed at the same time.

During Telehealth Awareness Week, SCETV will showcase various services and initiatives that demonstrate the versatility and advantages of telehealth. Tune in to SC Public Radio as community paramedics help patients manage heart failure to enhance patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. Broadcast viewers will learn how local boards dedicated to disabilities and special needs have harnessed telehealth to provide tailored remote healthcare services. These services allow individuals with specific health requirements to access healthcare professionals and specialized care without the need for in-person visits. Viewers can also watch SCETV content about virtual counseling platforms as a valuable resource for individuals coping with trauma.

During the week, SCETV will delve into various healthcare initiatives and services that showcase the changing healthcare landscape. These include technology-driven solutions like telehealth and virtual care, which aim to address diverse medical requirements, enhance patient results, and offer more accessible healthcare choices.

Visit to learn more about telehealth. To participate in Telehealth Awareness Week and tell your telehealth story, join the conversation on social media using #TelehealthAwareness or learn more online at and


“As we join forces with the American Telemedicine Association and the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance, SCETV reinforces its commitment to advancing access to health care. Through a spotlight on innovative healthcare solutions, we're advancing the conversation on telehealth's potential to transform medical care, reaching diverse needs and improving patient outcomes.” –SCETV President and CEO Adrienne Fairwell

“Through Telehealth Awareness Week, SCETV shines a light on the healing journey, from community paramedics managing heart failure to virtual counseling aiding trauma recovery. By sharing a doctor's personal telehealth experience and highlighting virtual care partners, we celebrate how technology brings us closer to healthier lives.” –SCETV Chief Content Officer Tabitha Safdi

“Telehealth bridges gaps in healthcare access, especially for those with unique needs. Our highlighting Telehealth Awareness Week shows how SCETV serves as a platform for stories of progress—such as telehealth's role in serving local boards of disabilities and special needs—showcasing technology's power to create a more inclusive healthcare landscape.” –SCETV Multimedia Specialist for Telehealth Joy Bonala 


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