Exciting KnowItAll and PBS LearningMedia resources for Black History Month

Du Bois and Johnson in anti-lynching parade - MAKING BLACK AMERICA: THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE

When I taught social studies, I would always get excited for Black History Month! While I made it a point to incorporate the teaching of African American History throughout the school year, I would look forward to the opportunity to learn about many events and people in which I was previously unfamiliar. I would seek out resources from quality educational sites like KnowItAll and PBS LearningMedia to find important materials to bring into my classroom.

KnowItAll.org has an excellent African American History collection of resources, especially with regard to South Carolina. This collection, which features several collections and series within, is a convenient way to explore and access MANY helpful resources for learning about important events and African Americans who have shaped American history. Assets include videos, learning activities, photos, and interactives. 

Sample topics covered include: 

Similarly, PBS LearningMedia has an enormous collection of resources educators can use for teaching African-American History. I've highlighted a few below, but I recommend you visit the site and use the keyword search bar at the top and then filter the results by your applicable grade level and/or desired subject and resource type.

Sample highlighted resources:

What speaks to you and your students? What resources will YOU find and share? How will you use these resources in your learning environment?

Please share your feedback with us by emailing etveducation@scetv.org. We look forward to hearing from you!