Camden | Our Town

Camden, South Carolina, the oldest inland city in the state, is a historic and unique place. Its rich Revolutionary War history is showcased at the newly built visitor's center and the Camden battlefield. The city is home to the National Steeplechase Museum and hosts the popular Carolina Cup races. With a vibrant downtown and cultural district, Camden offers art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, and green spaces. The town's beauty and welcoming atmosphere make it a cherished gem. There is always something to do in Camden, and its residents take pride in their town. Mayor Alfred Mae Draper invites everyone to experience the charm of Camden, South Carolina.

Our Town is a captivating series that delves into the distinctive small towns of South Carolina, showcasing the deep affection residents have for their beloved hometowns. Through the eyes of the locals, viewers gain insight into the charm, character, and idiosyncrasies that make these towns truly special. Join us on this delightful journey as we discover the unique stories and rich heritage of South Carolina's vibrant communities.