2023 Telehealth Innovator Marc Bingham, MD

The 2023 Telehealth Innovator award was presented to Dr. Marc Bingham during the 11th Annual Telehealth Summit of South Carolina held this month in Greenville. The award recognizes an individual champion in the areas of clinical care, education, IT support or policy who is excelling in the adoption and innovation of telehealth within a practice, health center, school-based, or administrator setting. 


Dr. Bingham is a family medicine specialist at Spartanburg Regional Health System. He has more than a decade of experience working in telehealth and advocating for its expansion. He is known for his enthusiasm and passion for bringing telehealth to the patients who need it the most. One example of this is Spartanburg Regional’s heart failure clinic paramedicine program which allows heart failure patients to stay home and meet with their nurse practitioner via telehealth; patients rely on a paramedic to facilitate the telehealth visit. 


“He connects the purpose of telehealth to the actual giving of telemedicine to that patient,” said Teresa Vickers, program manager of telehealth services at SRHS.