Joye in Aiken - May 2022

Sponsor Spotlight - Joye in Aiken


Joye In Aiken

Janice Jennings

Executive Director


Joye in Aiken is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making the very best in the performing arts available to our citizens, especially our students.

Founded in 2008, Joye in Aiken is the heir to, and the very embodiment of, Aiken’s longstanding tradition of nurturing excellence in the arts. The organization takes its name from Joye Cottage, a Gilded Age mansion once the center of a social circle that included America’s most prominent families.  

Today, Joye in Aiken carries that legacy forward, but with a difference. Where in earlier times only a privileged few were able to enjoy those world-class experiences, now the organization brings that same magic to a much wider and more diverse audience.  In the past 14 years they have brought over 600 musicians, actors and dancers at the top of their disciplines (primarily from The Juilliard School) to participate in the weeklong Performing Arts Festival held each March, where a wide variety of events are made available to the public at low or no cost.  Even more importantly, through their Outreach Program, those artists have taught, mentored and inspired more than 46,000 area schoolchildren.

The name “Joye in Aiken” is meant to honor the central role that Joye Cottage has played in the area’s history while suggesting the very nature of the program itself, which has brought boundless joy to so many. Through their Festival and Outreach Program, they share experiences—with families and students, young and old, people from all backgrounds and all walks of life - that represent the highest, most joyful reaches of artistic endeavor.

For more information about their programs, festival, summer jazz concerts and holiday concert, please visit

P.O. Box 5538

Aiken, SC 29804

(803) 226-0016

To become a sponsor contact Melanie Boyer, Corporate Sponsorship Manager, 803-737-3289 or via email at