And Then There Were Thirteen (1975) | ETV Classics

And Then There Were Thirteen with Dr. Henry Lumpkin was one of the two instructional series debuted by SCETV in the mid-1970s— the other being Teacher as Manager. The 20-episode series featured lectures by Dr. Henry Lumpkin of the University of South Carolina Department of History filmed on actual battle sites and campaign areas of the American Revolution in South Carolina. 

The program was offered as a course to students at the University of South Carolina worth three graduate or undergraduate credits. Students "walked" via television with Dr. Lumpkin through battlegrounds and associated course discussions covered: command personalists, tactics, strategy, weapons, uniforms, and terrain. 

In this episode entitled "Why The British Lost The War 1775-1782," Dr. Henry Lumpkin examines the reasons behind the British failure to win the American Revolution in the South.

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