Top 5 Quizzes from Dr. Walter Edgar’s South Carolina Quiz

Check out these top 5 quizzes from Dr. Walter Edgar's South Carolina Quiz! Take these quizzes and find out if you're a true expert on South Carolina. 


1.  Test Your south carolina general knowledge - trivia quiz
Find out if you know as much about South Carolina as you think you do. This quiz tests your expertise on South Carolina. 
SC State House
2. South Carolina playwrights and thespians! - trivia quiz
South Carolina is the birthplace of various actors, authors, playwrights, and screenwriters. Test your knowledge on these playwrights and thespians from South Carolina!
3. test your south carolina general knowledge, part 2! - trivia quiz
Do you want to make sure your knowledge about South Carolina still holds up? Take this follow-up quiz on general knowledge about South Carolina and find out!
4. historic south carolina Places!  - trivia quiz
South Carolina is rich in history and abundant in historical places. This quiz tests your knowledge on various historical landmarks in South Carolina.
5. south carolina in the civil war - trivia quiz
South Carolina was heavily involved in the American Civil War. Test your knowledge on this involvement and find out if you're a true Civil War history buff.