Meet 16 year old author Jeyda Bolukbasi on By the River

Jeyda Bolukbasi

This week as we sit by the river, we’re joined with Jeyda Bolukbasi to talk about her book, Tuah. Jeyda is unique from our usual authors, because she is only 16 years old! She has published two books already! Jeyda is a native from the Lowcountry and came in the studio to talk about the story behind her book, Tuah. She spent months researching the Emperor Goose before she wrote her book and told us about how she has always been fascinated with birds.

She started this book when she was 13 and finished it around the age of 14. Jeyda’s story is motivating and empowering to young writers and readers around the Lowcountry. Her heartwarming story is a great coming-of-age tale that leaves readers satisfied. We were left amazed and impressed with Jeyda’s writing and her story of how she started.