Kristin Harmel discusses her coming-of-age World War II novel, The Forest of Vanishing Stars

Host Holly Bounds Jackson with author Kristin Harmel

This week we’re joined by author, Kristin Harmel, as we listen to her story unfold about how she started her novel, The Forest of Vanishing Stars, and her love for history. Kristin Harmel is a New York Times Bestselling author along with USA Today and #1 international bestselling author of her books, The Forest of Vanishing Stars and a multitude of her other titles that have been translated into 29 languages. She is a former reporter for PEOPLE magazine and also has articles published in many other magazines as well. She told us her story of her start in writing and how she was professionally being published at the age of 16. Although she was born in Boston, Massachusetts, she spent a lot of her childhood in Florida.

When we sat down with Kristin Harmel to discuss her book, we were inspired by her early start in her writing career and impressed with the stories she got to cover. She spent time discussing her book, The Forest of Vanishing Stars, and the impressive field work she managed to do during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, thanking a lot of her field work to friends across the globe. We were also charmed by her story of the weekly web show, Friends and Fiction with other influential authors we’ve been lucky to sit with by the river, and how she began co-hosting the show. Join us this week and listen to Kristin share her behind the scenes of her new novel!