Author John Cribb shares his insights about Abraham Lincoln in 'Old Abe: A Novel'

This week we sit down with John Cribb, author of Old Abe: A Novel. Cribb is a New York Times best seller and has been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, National Review Online, The Hill, Real Clear Politics, and several other publications. He is originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina and hasn’t strayed far from his roots. He still lives in his hometown with his wife and two daughters. South Carolina has a rich history in the Civil War and Revolutionary Era, but his love for Abraham Lincoln was what sparked his first novel, Old Abe. Cribb worked on the novel for three years before finally finishing it.

In this episode, Cribb talks to us about his collection of Abraham Lincoln books, which he estimates is around 300! He spent a lot of time doing research online, calling it his part time job. He spends time talking about walking the grounds that Abraham Lincoln walked, which was inspiration to him for his novel. We loved listening to his stories and the captivating respect and adoration he has for our 16th president. Join us in this week’s episode to listen to our discussion with Cribb and get the insight to his novel, Old Abe.