190 Career education profiles to explore

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Students begin exploring career pathways as early as elementary school. By the time they enter middle school, conversations about career aspirations become more focused and students are introduced to the sixteen career clusters via Career and Technology Education.  
Students quickly learn that career choices and options for entering the workforce are constantly evolving. From welding to law to agribusiness, the possibilities are endless! Fortunately, SCETV has strong partnerships across the state that provide an opportunity for us to tell the stories of South Carolina careers.
With over 60 years' worth of content, we not only tell stories about culture, history and nature, but we also share some of the unique and interesting career paths found right here in the Palmetto State.  Are you a parent or a caregiver who wants to help open your child's eyes to various careers? Maybe you are an adult looking for that next career path or dream job for yourself.  Wherever you are in life, our education portal Knowitall.orgoffers a huge collection of career videos. We have hand-picked 190 career profiles and companies for you to explore. 
Be sure to check out our new 360 career profile videos in our Let’s Go Careers series. You should also visit our page devoted solely to workforce topics.  
Teachers, we’ve also compiled a list of lesson plans specific to career and technology education!  

Scroll through the post below or click a career cluster below to explore:


strawberries in bucket

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

01. Agritourism
02. Aquarium
03. Birthplace Of Sweet Tea
04. City Roots
05. Consumer Protection Division
06. Dolphin Conservation
07. Fish Hatchery
08. Game Warden Or Conservation Officer
09. John Slaughter, Careers In National Parks
10. Oceanography
11. Park Interpreter Or Park Ranger
12. Sallie Ann Robinson, Gullah Chef
13. Sea Turtle Rescue Manager
14. South Carolina's Farmer Of The Year
15. Worm Farming

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architect blueprint and equipment

Architecture & Construction

16. Architect
17. Bridges
18. Civil Engineer
19. Ernest Middleton, Engineer
20. Interior Designer
21. Ira M. Koger
22. LLE Construction Group, LLC
23. Real Estate Developer
24. Robert Marvin
25. Straw Bale House

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Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

26. Abbey Elmore, Singer-Songwriter
27. Calhoun Times
28. Cedric Umoja, Street Artist
29. Elena Madden, Water Artist
30. Elizabeth O'Neill Verner
31. Jennet Robinson Alterman On Her Career Path
32. Georgia O'Keeffe: A Woman On Paper
33. Graphic Designer
34. Heidi Darr-Hope, Healing Icons Artist
35. Henrietta Snype, Sweetgrass Basketmaker
36. Lyon Hill, Puppet Maker
37. Mary Alice Monroe - Author
38. Ment Nelson, Artist
39. Movie Theater
40. Museum Careers
41. Patina Miller, Actor
42. Storyboard Animations
43. Sue Monk Kidd - Author
44. Stepping Up - Brandon Whitmore
45. Tabu Hazel, Spoken Word Artist
46. Thomas Williams, Cane Maker
47. Videographer
48. Vincent Kolb-Lugo, Radio Producer
49. Vivian Ayers Allen
50. York's Watercolor Artist

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Two co-workers and devices.

Business Management & Administration

51. 16-Year Old Entrepreneur
52. Anderson's Shoes
53. Beth Dinndorf, President Of Columbia College
54. Clark Ellefson, Gallery Owner
55. Company President
56. Cupcakes For A Cure
57. Cynthia Bennett, S.C. Chamber Of Commerce
58. Darla Moore
59. Elaine Freeman
60. Foster Jordan, Vice President
61. Heather Holmquest
62. I. S. Leevy
63. Karen Alexander
64. Tavia Gaddy, Project Manager, Greenville Area Development Corporation
65. Tradeversity

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top of school teacher's desk

Education & Training

66. Angela Still, Prison Yoga Teacher
67. Bessie Moody-Lawrence
68. Beth Dinndorf, President Of Columbia College
69. Central Carolina Technical College
70. Christine Wells, Spring Valley Education Foundation
71. Cynthia Bennett, S.C. Chamber Of Commerce
72. Dr. Greg Owings, Dutch Fork H.S. Principal
73. From Coach To Teacher
74. Justina Lasley, Dream Teacher
75. Molly Spearman, SC State Superintendent Of Education

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Piggy bank on money


76. Accountant
77. Crowdfunding | Carolina Money
78. Isvara Wilson, AgFirst Farm Credit Bank
79. Kathy Heffley, Regional President of South Carolina for Wells Fargo
80. Know Money Inc.

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South Carolina capital building

Government & Public Administration

81. City Manager
82. Garbage
83. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Representative, Orangeburg County
84. Hope Blackley
85. Inez Tenenbaum
86. John Slaughter, National Park Service
87. Lottie Gibson
88. Mignon Clyburn
89. Rear Admiral Reubin Bookert
90. Steve Benjamin,Mayor of Columbia

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doctor holding an electronic tablet

Health Science

91. Dietitian
92. Emergency Air Rescue
93. IMCS 360
94. Lisa Dawkins, Paramedic Student
95. Medical Care For Birds Of Prey
96. Ophthalmologist
97. Pharmacist
98. Physical Therapist
99. Radiologic Technologist
100. Sea Turtle Rescue Manager

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inside restaurant kitchen

Hospitality & Tourism

101. Brandon Velie, Small Town Chef
102. Brown's BBQ
103. Coastal Coffee Roasters 
104. Di Prato's Delicatessen
105. Doughnuts
106. Hotel Manager
107. Loss Prevention Specialist And Hotel Management
108. Managing A Food Truck
109. Willcox Hotel
110. Zamboni

school bus driver

Human Services

111. Athletic Trainer
112. Canoeing For Kids
113. Food Bank
114. Francine Jackson, School Bus Driver
115. Friar Edmund Cass, Uber Driver 
116. Master Barber
117. Pastor Nannie Jefferies
118. Robert Mason, Caring Clown
119. Sylvester Oestricher, Roll Cart Driver
120. Translator


server room

Information Technology

121. Bar Code

911 dispatcher

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

133. FBI Jobs
142. Paralegal

mechatronics worker


149. Bottling
social media influencer


161. Billboards
162. Concert Promoter
163. Euniek Group, Radio Advertising Company
164. Marketing Coordinator
165. Morgan Nichols, SCBIO Investor Relations Coordinator


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


south carolina port authority

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

181. Aircraft
182. Automobile
183. Automotive Technician
184. "Bio Joe" Renwick, Transportation
185. Female Pilot
186. Lola Salas, Truck Driver
187. Stephen Brown, Swing Bridge Operator 
188. SCDOT Civil Engineer
189. South Carolina Ports Authority Harbor Deepening
190. Thomas Jones, Import Team Leader