The Scoop | Indian Grass

South Carolina has many state symbols from the spotted salamander, the official state amphibian, to milk, the official state beverage. SCETV’s audience voted, wanting to know the scoop on South Carolina’s official state grass. 

Indian grass, scientifically known as sorghastrum nutans, was designated the official state grass of South Carolina by the state legislature by Act Number 94 of 2001. South Carolina’s state grass is a native grass and can be found in almost every county across the state. Indian grass thrives in full sun and prairie-like conditions, often found on roadsides across the state. 

SCETV’s The Scoop spoke to Dr. John B. Nelson, Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina, to learn more about the state grass, and why, to him, a botanist, sorghastrum nutans is a better name!

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