The Scoop | Boiled Peanuts

With over 4.7 million acres of farmland, South Carolina has a robust agriculture industry leading to a unique food culture. Delving into this culture, we asked our audience, “What’s a recipe or dish that defines who we are as South Carolinians?,” who then voted for a look into boiled peanuts, South Carolina’s official state snack. 

Although it wasn’t until 2006 when the South Carolina state legislature designated boiled peanuts as the official state snack, the people of South Carolina have been boiling peanuts since colonial times. Travel down any state road long enough, and you will stumble upon a roadside stand selling boiled peanuts. 

To learn more about boiled peanuts, The Scoop talked to Era Elizabeth and Mike Pope, the duo behind Boiled Pnuts Y’all, who have been boilin’ up peanuts in the Midlands for 6 years. 

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