What is Yoga? | YOGA MINUTES

What is yoga? Yoga has become so popular here in the west and it is worth our time to understand the meaning of the word more fully. Yoga originated in ancient India. The actual word "Yoga," means to bring into union or to yoke, to unite, to connect. Therefore, yoga is the union between the self and the spirit. Between our body and our mind. It is most commonly understood, as a set of practices: focused breathing, movement of the physical body and opposes, simple meditation. Leading to overall health relaxation and a sense of inner peace. These practices help to reduce our stress. They build strength and flexibility and create more physical and mental awareness throughout the day.

Yoga in Practice, led by master instructor Stacey Millner-Collins, is designed to teach the foundations of yoga to the at-home student, and to encourage a daily yoga practice that is more than simply physical exercise. To purchase DVD episodes of Yoga in Practice, visit ShopSCETV.