PSA: Welding


Blake Bentley

Welder and Fabricator, Oilmen’s Truck Tanks

Blake Bentley has been a welder and fabricator at Oilmen’s Truck Tanks for six years. As a young child, he was fascinated by welding. During 10th grade in high school, he enrolled himself in the welding program at R.D. Anderson Applied Tech Center. Being an honor student in the program, Blake was accepted by the co-op program during 12th grade and started working at Oilmen’s Truck Tanks. After finishing the learning and training, he became a full-time employee at the company.

Blake loves his job and is very proud of providing his customers with the best products. His income level is at the top 10% of his high school graduating class. After work, he enjoys fishing, hunting and vacationing at the beach. He believes that his tech background and income allow him to enjoy a normal lifestyle without cutting corners.

Blake’s advice to high school students is, “Choose what makes you happy. Don’t settle for what your parents want. Do what you enjoy because it is your life, you are the ones who’ve got to live it.”