PSA: Mechatronics C


Samuel Wyatt 

Mechatronics Apprentice, Benteler Automotive
Student, Spartanburg Community College

Samuel Wyatt has just graduated from Daniel Morgan Technology Center. He is good at working with his hands, using tools and programing robots. The earlier exposure to mechatronics provided him a great deal of opportunities to work hands-on, and allowed him to program robots at young age. Watching the robot he programmed running the operation brings him immense joy. Benefiting from Daniel Morgan’s arrangement with Benteler Automotive, Samuel is now a junior apprentice at Benteler working on the maintenance crew. Meanwhile, he is sponsored by Benteler to study industrial mechatronics at Spartanburg Community College. When he graduates he will not only receive his associate degree with certificate in mechatronics, but also have accumulated three years of work experience at a big company. He will be completely debt free with a full- time job at Benteler Automative secured.