PSA: Mechatronics B


Elvis Fitz

Maintenance Apprentice, ZF Transmissions
Student, Piedmont Technical College

Since Elvis Fitz was a very young child, he has enjoyed working on cars with his father. When he got into high school, he felt connected with mechatronics since it involves mechanic process and hands-on activities. He took courses in mechatronics and as soon as ZF Transmission went to his high school to recruit students for its apprenticeship program, Elvis seized the opportunity and signed himself up immediately. The program sponsors Elvis to study at Piedmont Technical College, and meanwhile, Elvis works at ZF Transmission part-time, earning a salary and full-time benefits. Once Elvis finishes the three-year program at Piedmont Tech, he will get an associate degree in mechatronic and a mechatronic certificate, and become a full-time employee at ZF Transmission.

Working and studying locally is also attractive to Elvis because he could spend more time with his family and friends. Elvis feels truly privileged to be able to study for his degree for free, get paid, and gain experience all at the same time.