PSA: Mechatronics A


Cole Quinn

Mechatronics Apprentice, Benteler Automotive
Student, Spartanburg Community College

Cole Quinn got into mechatronics first because of his late father, who was a teacher at Spartanburg Community College and also worked in the industry years before. He saw early-on that manufacturing jobs would be growing and skilled workforce would be in high demand. Cole was pushed to Daniel Morgan Technology Center to study mechatronics. He had not been a traditional student who was good at all the core courses, but once he entered Daniel Morgan, everything changed. He was all of the sudden excelling in classes, relating to materials and understanding everything better and faster.

At age 19, Cole worked as an apprentice at Benteler Automotive as a maintenance technician and also worked on his associate degree in Mechatronics at Spartanburg Community College. Cole is extremely thankful for his father for being the driving force behind him on this path. Although his father is no longer with him, his insights still stay true today: The industry is booming and brings tons of job opportunities. It calls for a new generation of skilled manufactory workers.