PSA: Machine Tool


Daniil Kaplun

Machine Tool Apprentice and Machine Operator, Camco Machining

At age 18, Daniil Kamplun is already a full-time machine operator at Camco Machining. He entered the field of Machine Tool by accident. In high school, he went to Swofford Career Center and signed up for an automotive class. However, he switched to machine tool the 2nd day, simply because his friend was there. Daniil found himself truly enjoying machine tool. After taking three classes for three semesters at Swofford, he received machine tool certificate I, II and III and enrolled himself in the Swofford Co-op program, which brought him to Camco Machining. He started working at Camco part-time at age 16, while still in high school.

Before graduation, Daniil had an opportunity to go to college, but after carefully weighing the pros and cons, he decided to stay at Camco and build his career from there. Camco offered Daniil an apprenticeship, which not only provides professional trainings through Daniil’s daily job, but also sponsors him to take various courses, such as industrial drafting and computer programing.