PSA: Industrial Electrician


Kelvin Smith

Industrial Electrician, South Carolina Ports Authority
Student, Trident Technical College

Kelvin Smith is originally from New York. He paid a visit to South Carolina because of a family occasion. During that trip, he realized that it was far easier for him and his wife to find a job in South Carolina than in New York. He decided to move his young family to the South. Kelvin signed up for the apprenticeship program at South Carolina Ports Authority. The fact that this program pays for him to study at Trident Technical College and earn an associate degree is the selling point to him and his family. As Kelvin works on his degree, he is considered a full-time employee at SC Ports authority, receiving a full-time salary with full benefits. Kelvin believes that taking this path allows him to have a more focused goal, which is to become an industrial electrician, and earning the associate degree will open doors to more opportunities and give him confidence.

Kelvin encourages young people to explore the fields of craftsmen because the job opportunities are abundant. He currently works alongside other certified electricians to maintain the container cranes. He takes great pride in working at the SC Ports Authority and contributing to the economic development of the state.

Kelvin and his wife have three kids now after moving south. He enjoys his life in South Carolina and is motivated to maximize his potential in his newly adopted home state.