Dorothea Benton Frank Shares Love for Pat Conroy

Dorthea Benton Frank appears on By The River this Thursday

The legacy of Pat Conroy is shared repeatedly on the first season of By The River, with nearly every author noting his impact on readers’ love for Lowcountry stories.

New York Times Best Selling author Dorothea Benton Frank, whose latest book By Invitation Only is now out, can’t help but smile talking about her old friend. Frank described Conroy as a “rascally rascal.”  Conroy, who passed away on March 4th, 2016, “died on the only day of the year that is a sentence,” Benton Frank noted. 

Benton spent part of her interview on By The River talking about how she believes Conroy never grasped the depth of his contribution to the literary world.  His influence, she said, was felt all across the world.

Frank also talks about the special connection with her daughter and the process in which she writes.  While some authors share their writing as it “comes to them,” Frank is matter-of-fact in explaining that writing is her full-time job and she has to treat it as such.

“This isn’t shoe money,” she laughed.

Join us for another episode of By The River this Thursday at 8:00 p.m.