Student Athlete uses Telehealth to Meet Nutrition Goals

At eleven years old, Micah has been interested in sports for most of his life.

"Ever since he was two years old, I would have to buy him his own helmet and he would walk around with it all the time," said Felicia Maine, Micah's mother.

With practice, games, and growth spurts, Felicia and Micah went to their long time pediatrician, Dr. James Simmons from All Children's Pediatrics, for advice. Maine says, it is not because they were unhealthy, but that they wanted to stay on track and develop good habits, considering Micah's rigorous practice schedule as he gets older.

The demand for nutritionists is growing, particularly with high rates of obesity in the area. In addition to group classes, Dr. Simmons' practice has connected with specialists in Charleston to provide extra nutrition services using telehealth.

Micah is honest. "It's kind of weird," he says.

He prefers talking in person, driving to his own doctor to Charleston, but seeing the specialist over video conferencing is more convenient. The conference allows his pediatrician and mother to be in the same room, working towards similar goals. Plus, Micah is noticing the results from the program.  He says he's learned when to eat and what to eat, catered to schedule.

These lessons have improved his performance on the field and outlook on meeting future goals, "I feel glad that I did it because it helped me with my choices of eating right and being healthy so that I can live a long life," says Micah.