Old World South Meets New Feather Bow Tie


There’s a history to South Carolina that, to some, can be reflected in the “Old World” finishing touches of the bow tie, as part of a gentleman’s attire. It was that history and a basic love of nature that led Ben Ross, and friend Jeff Plotner, to create a business that reflects the natural beauty of South Carolina...with the invention of the feather bow tie.

Ross first handcrafted a set of turkey feather bow ties for the men in his wedding party in 2007. That gesture led to a wave of admiration and inspiration that turned into Brackish only a few years later.

The operation now honors artisan techniques, distinctive style and the spirit of the South. In their Charleston production base, they have fine-tuned their process and expanded designs, in order to make a lasting impact on  wardrobes with one-of-a-kind works of art.

Every tie is handcrafted locally in South Carolina. And because every single feather is hand selected, no two Brackish bow ties are exactly alike. Every tie is a sustainable work of art. Brackish prides themselves on creating genuine, intricately detailed bow ties, something not found in mass production.