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PBS Election Central and the Classroom Debate Toolkit

October 25, 2016 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Screen shot from PBS Election Central website

It's an election year and PBS Education has created tools, resources and creative solutions to educate students on the various facets of the political process.

Election Central is a partner website to PBS LearningMedia that provides a single destination for K-12 educators to find all of the tools and content they need to engage students in the political process. The site features content, an interactive map and more.

NEW: As part of this initiative, PBS Education has also partnered with EXPLO and the Commission on Presidential Debates to create a Classroom Debate Toolkit. This downloadable kit gives teachers a powerful way to drive student-led conversations and initiate a live debate in the classroom. In addition to posting this kit on Election Central, we have also mailed it to social studies teachers around the country who will be receiving the materials throughout August and September.

NEW: The PBS Electoral Decoder Interactive is now live! This tool is designed to help teachers illustrate the significance of the Electoral College and offer students an in-depth look at past elections. Features include:

  • Election Timeline: Meet the candidates from all 57 presidential elections (1789-2012)
  • Presidential Predictor: Find out how many states your candidate needs to win in order to reach 270 electoral votes
  • Learn About American History: Use the "About This Election", "Key Events" and "Related Resources" to learn more about the presidential contenders and historic context in which they launched their candidacy

Download an updated version of the Election Central station toolkit with ready-to-post messaging and co-brandable digital assets to leverage this exciting initiative in your community. To access the toolkit, visit the “Marketing Resources” section of the On Board site and enter the keyword “election toolkit”. You can also view the official PBS press release announcing Election Central here.



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