Public Service Commission

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The mission of the Public Service Commission:  To Serve The Public of South Carolina By Providing Open and Effective Regulation And Adjudication of the State’s Public Utilities, Through Consistent Administration of the Law and Regulatory Process. For more information, visit The Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission has archived Commission Business Meetings from previous years on our YouTube channel, which you can find at this link. View the up-to-date Live Stream Schedule or more upcoming agendas at Commission Business Meeting and Hearings Calendar​.

 2:00 PM
 Commission Business Meeting   
 9:00 AM
 Proceeding in Docket No. 2023-89-E 
 9:00 AM
 Special Commission Business Meeting
 10:00 AM
 Hearing in Docket No. 2023-13-A
 12:00 PM
 Commission Business Meeting