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Find special programming highlights for the month below. Yanni In Concert - Live at the Acropolis Sunday, December 5, 07:30 pm on ETV World Tuesday, December 7, 07:00 pm on ETVHD On September 25, 1993...
 A call to 911 is the best thing to do first when someone dies unexpectedly.

What to Do if Someone Dies Unexpectedly

The death of a friend or family member is always traumatic, but when it occurs unexpectedly, it can be especially disorienting. According to Gary Watts, executive director of the South Carolina...

The Sanctuary at Boyd Island in Columbia, SC

The Sanctuary at Boyd Island is a seven-acre island in the heart of Columbia, SC where the Broad, Congaree and Saluda Rivers meet. A bridge is now constructed that connects to the island that includes...

Preschooler development & challenges

This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Rachael Zweigoron about positive approaches to encourage preschooler development and respond to challenging behaviors. Dr. Zweigoron is an Assistant Professor of...

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