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Scott Campaigns in Early Primary States | This Week in South Carolina

READ THE FULL TRANSCRIPT Gavin Jackson: South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was on the campaign trail last week after announcing he was jumping into the 2024 presidential race. With his announcement in...

The Black Codes - Landowner | Reconstruction 360

Like most former Confederates, this landowner resents the authority of U.S. Army officers and the Freedmen’s Bureau. Fearful that their agricultural economy would collapse without the free labor of...

One on one with former Supreme Court Justice Kaye Hearn

June 3, 2023 — An extended interview with former South Carolina Supreme Court Justice Kaye Hearn about her life, career as a judge and the controversial 3-2 decision earlier this year which found...
image of President biden with live coverage details included in story

President Biden’s Address to stream live on SCETV

South Carolina ETV and Public Radio (SCETV) will provide live coverage of President Biden’s address to the nation from the Oval Office on Friday, June 2. President Biden’s speech on the bipartisan...

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