Secrets of the Dead

Uncover the untold stories and secrets of iconic historical moments to rewrite history.


  • Abandoning the Titanic

    Learn about the captain of a “mystery ship” who turned away from the "unsinkable" Titanic.
  • Viking Warrior Queen

    Join archaeologists examining the history-changing DNA of a female Viking warrior.
  • Building Notre Dame

    Follow an in-depth investigation into the centuries-long construction of Notre Dame.
  • Bombing Auschwitz

    Would an Allied attack on Auschwitz have stopped future atrocities?
  • Galileo's Moon

    Join experts as they examine an alleged proof copy of Galileo’s “Sidereus Nuncius.”
  • World War Speed

    Follow historian James Holland as he unearths the truth about amphetamine use in World War
  • Egypt's Darkest Hour

    Archaeologists discover a mass grave with the bones of nearly 60 people near Luxor, Egypt.
  • King Arthur's Lost Kingdom

    Uncover new evidence suggesting the legend of King Arthur began in a Dark Ages trading vil


About Secrets of the Dead

Secrets of the Dead is part detective story, part true-life drama that unearths evidence from around the world, challenging prevailing ideas and throwing fresh light on unexplained events.