Origin of Everything

Origin of Everything is a history show from PBS Digital Studios.


  • The Homophobic Origins of U.S. Law

    Danielle analyzes the homophobic history of US law.
  • Why Do We Shake Hands?

    Trace the history of the handshake from Babylonia and the early Greeks to the present.
  • The Racist Origins of U.S. Law

    Danielle analyzes the discriminatory history of US law.
  • Why Do We Say "Latino"?

    Danielle traces the origin of the term Latino, Hispanic, and Latinx.
  • How Did Pride Become a Parade?

    How did the New York City Stonewall Riots turn into a month-long celebration?
  • Concentration Camps Are Older Than World War II

    Danielle looks at the grim origin of concentration and internment camps.
  • How We Discovered Germs

    Danielle traces humanity's winding road to the Germ Theory of Disease.
  • 6 Surprising Facts About the 19th Amendment

    2020 marks 100 years of National Suffrage for women in the United States!

About Origin of Everything

Every aspect of our daily reality, whether its the words we use, the pop culture we love, the technology that get us through the day, or even the identities we give ourselves, emerge from thousands of intersecting histories. And on this show, we're going to explore them ALL! . . . Okay, maybe not ALL, but you get the idea.