Nazi Mega Weapons

Uncover the engineering secrets that sparked a revolution that changed warfare forever.


  • Eagle's Nest

    Hitler’s mountain house became a labyrinth crowned by the awe-inspiring Eagle's Nest.
  • Hitler's Killer Subs

    Designated the Type 21, Hitler's new submarine is a sea-faring super weapon.
  • Blitzkrieg

    When Nazis rolled across France in 1940, it was with a combined speed and ferocity.
  • The Siegfried Line

    The story of the men who built and gave their lives defending this great fortification.
  • Kamikaze

    Discover the secrets of Japan's World War II kamikaze suicide bombers.
  • Hitler's Megaships

    Hitler demands the construction of record-breaking battleships to bring his Navy status.
  • The SS

    Learn how this sinister Nazi force controlled an empire through terror and brutality.
  • The Wolf's Lair

    At the heart of Hitler’s plan for world domination is a vast, secret headquarters.


  • WWII Mega Weapons: The Tunnels of Okinawa

    The tide of war in the Pacific has now fully turned against the Imperial Japanese forces.

About Nazi Mega Weapons

Nazi Mega Weapons and WWII Mega Weapons uncover the engineering feats that sparked a technological revolution and changed warfare forever, exploring the engineering secrets of iconic megastructures, and telling the stories of the engineers who designed them.