Monstrum takes a closer look at monsters, myths, and legends.


  • Pontianak: The Vampiric Ghost of Southeast Asia

    The pontianak, or kuntilanak, has long been a staple of Malay horror.
  • Nuckelavee: Scotland’s Skinless Evil Monstrosity

    This horse-like horror emerges from the sea bringing death and disease.
  • Modern Zombies: The Rebirth of the Undead

    In the final episode of our three-part series, we bring us to the 21st-century zombie.
  • Why George Romero Changed Zombies Forever

    In this second episode of our special series, we move from the zombi to the Romero zombie.
  • How Gargoyles Became Monsters

    Do you know where they originated from?
  • The Original Urban Legend: Spring-Heeled Jack

    Spring-heeled Jack became both a terrifying boogeyman and an avenging hero.
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Loch Ness

    Find out what theories have been disproven—and what questions are still unanswered.
  • The Origins of the Zombie, from Haiti to the U.S.

    The first episode of our three-part special series on the complex history of the zombie.


About Monstrum

The world is full of monsters, myths, and legends and Monstrum isn’t afraid to take a closer look. The show, hosted by Emily Zarka, Ph.D., takes us on a journey to discover a new monster for each new episode. Monstrum looks at humans unique drive to create and shape monster mythology through oral storytelling, literature and film.