Genealogy Roadshow

Follow the emotional journey that uses history and science to uncover family stories


  • Providence

    Research family stories involving the Holocaust, WWI, Amish ties, whaling and pasta.
  • Boston

    Genealogists at Faneuil Hall to solve mysteries related to witch trials and orphan trains.
  • Our Favorite Stories

    The genealogists revisit their favorite stories from previous seasons.
  • Houston

    Probe a re-enactor’s roots; learn if a black man’s ancestors worked for the Confederacy.
  • Miami

    Trace stories about Native, Cuban, Filipino and African-American forebears.
  • Albuquerque

    Trace a woman’s tie to a WWII code talker, a man’s link to a comic book heroine and more.
  • Best of Genealogy Roadshow

    Enjoy the most intriguing stories selected from both seasons of the series.
  • Philadelphia - Historical Society of Pennsylvania

    Genealogists uncover fascinating family stories at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

About Genealogy Roadshow

Follow a diverse cast of participants on an emotional journey that uses history and science to uncover their fascinating family stories. Genealogy Roadshow continues in Season 3, exploring history with the diverse cast of participants from cities around the country, including Boston, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and more. #GenealogyPBS