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Jeff Maxey - 2019 South Carolina Teacher of the Year

June 13, 2018 - Posted in Education by K. Hermann

Jeff Maxey - 2019 South Carolina Teacher of the Year

On May 2, 2018, Jeff Maxey was selected as South Carolina's 2019 Teacher of the Year.

A special education resource teacher at Starr Elementary School in Anderson District 3, Mr. Maxey started his career as a minister, but decided to become a teacher after visiting schools and seeing a need for educators.

He says, "I specifically saw needs for male teachers to come alongside students that didn't have as many male figures in their life to support them. I specifically saw needs where I could impact my world through education, and so I wholeheartedly jumped into the teaching field and went back and got a master's degree in special education and have allowed that to be a way to impact a future generation."   

Mr. Maxey says he wants to "champion special needs students that are all over our state, and champion the special needs teachers that are all over our state, and at the same time, bring resources and bring strategies to all teachers to help all teachers be part of helping our students to be successful." 





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