Meet Andrew Davis, the Host of Curiosity Trek!

Collective series of Andrew Davis with historical artifacts.

Welcome to Curiosity Trek! the series that brings history to life by unraveling stories about artifacts left behind by historic figures and events. 

In this exclusive interview, our host Andrew Davis, is a person whose passion for history is as deep as his Southern roots. Andrew was born and raised in South Carolina.  Our host has uncovered countless artifacts, each one with its own unique story. Prepare to embark on a journey through time, guided by a host who incorporates storytelling to make history come alive. 

Andrew recounts his memorable exchange with Ron Skipper, the host of open houses at the Owens Field Airport hangar. Skipper emphasized the importance of teamwork to repair the bomber, which resonated with Davis. Andrew hopes for viewers of Curiosity Trek! to understand that history is not boring! He also aspires for the audience to be inspired and learn new things. When discussing the helpfulness of bizarre or unusual artifacts’ role in understanding the past, Andrew alluded to Lord Byron: “Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction.” Which is demonstrated in the coverage of Andrew’s episode where the legend about Lieutenant George Dixon and the gold coin that saved his life, was revealed as a fact.

The only particular challenges Davis faced with filming Curiosity Trek! was unpredictable weather at outdoor shoots, scheduling conflicts, and travel. Andrew approached researching and selecting artifacts based on criteria. The process started with a compiled list of artifacts, then sorted to ensure educators may get use from them. The artifacts are also selected based off time periods. Artifacts are chosen with the intention of having a mixed representation for all demographics. Andrew found it important to explore the stories behind not only significant historical artifacts but, also the strange or bizarre ones, as these events compose the story of who we are and how we got here. 

The most impressive artifact Andrew encountered filming was the story and connection between Lt. Dixon’s coin saving his life at the Battle of Shiloh, and his later success of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley sinking a ship during the American Civil War. The submarine was controlled by a hand crank, and Davis highlighted the difficulties of its operations. The Hunley may never have sunk a ship if the gold coin did not protect Lt. Dixon. This was a memorable encounter for Davis because he received answers to the mystery. 

Davis lastly lists other special, historic places in South Carolina. Andrew hopes to continue his series with the inclusion of a handwritten letter by the “Swamp Fox” himself- Francis Marion located in Georgetown, SC, and the Star Fort at Ninety Six, used to fight battles during the American Revolution. Andrew is transforming the perspective on history. Viewers can catch Curiosity Trek! starting May 23!