Exciting news for educators: Introducing MediaSCape Studio!

photo of studio control room

Hey educators! Ever dreamed of transporting your classroom into a state-of-the-art studio where your lessons come alive? Well, dream no more and say hello to MediaSCape studio, where possibilities truly come to life!

Imagine this: a cutting-edge space designed not just for broadcasting but for nurturing creativity, sparking insightful discussions, and engaging students in an entirely new way. MediaSCape Studio isn't just another ordinary space; it's a dynamic hub that offers a podcasting setup alongside a stunning LED Wall, ready to amplify your educational content like never before.

Picture your lessons taking on a whole new dimension with the power of podcasting. Engage your students in compelling conversations, create informative series, or allow their voices to be heard via the world of podcasts. With our purpose-built podcasting space, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. This studio isn't just another room; it's your launchpad for sparking curiosity, fostering engagement, and amplifying learning in ways you've never imagined.

Whether you're exploring new storytelling avenues, demonstrating complex concepts, or simply seeking to expose your students to the world of television and radio production, MediaSCape Studio is your canvas. For details on how you can access this groundbreaking space, please contact MediaSCapeStudio@scetv.org

If you’re interested in scheduling a free field trip for 2024, send your request to etveducation@scetv.org or call 800-277-3245. Dates tend to fill up quickly so don't delay, the future of education is beckoning!