SCETV series “Reconnecting Roots” returns for Season 3 with eight new episodes

Continuing its journey into American history, the half-hour series Reconnecting Roots is returning for Season 3 on ETV-HD, premiering on April 20 at 8:30 p.m. Hosted by Gabe McCauley, the weekly, eight-episode series continues reconnecting Americans to their roots with exciting new topics including the history of baseball, bourbon and Hollywood. Joined by guest such as Mike Rowe, Ben Stein and Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, McCauley looks at our past, uncovers how we got here and searches for the values worth holding on to.

Reconnecting Roots is also being distributed nationally by American Public Television (APT) to viewers of public television across the U.S. The program will begin airing on public television stations across the U.S. in April. Viewers outside of South Carolina should check their local listings.

Reconnecting Roots host Gabe McCauley is an actor and film director as well as the founder of the production company, lilDRAGON. He has directed over seven seasons of television, hundreds of commercials, music videos and the feature film, Heaven Bound. As the host of Reconnecting Roots, McCauley combines his own comedic personality with his passion for telling stories with purpose. 

Below is a glimpse into each episode of Reconnecting Roots Season 3:

  • Episode 301: Space: The Final Frontier - Gabe visits the Johnson Space Center and chats with an astronaut. 
  • Episode 302: Energy: Enter the Matrix - From whale oil to nuclear energy, Gabe finds out just what it takes to give power to the people. 
  • Episode 303: Dollar: Rise and Fall of the Dollar - Gabe visits Ben Stein to help make “cents” out of our money.
  • Episode 304: Working: Working on a Dream - Special guest Mike Rowe helps Gabe figure out if working hard is worth all the hard work. 
  • Episode 305: Philanthropy: For the Love of Man - What happens when spreading the wealth is a little more complicated than simply writing a check? 
  • Episode 306: Bourbon: The Spirit of America - Gabe hikes the bourbon trail to learn how bourbon both changed America and was changed by it.
  • Episode 307: Baseball: First Pitch - America’s pastime stepped up to the mound and pitched us all into the future.
  • Episode 308: Hollywood: The Imagine Nation - Gabe takes a journey through cinema history to find out why celluloid holds a special place in America’s heart. 

Produced by lilDRAGON and presented by South Carolina ETV, production funding for Reconnecting Roots is provided by Ranger Plant Corporation, Plain Values Magazine, Muletown Coffee Roasters, Taylor Stitch and Music Ranch Montana.

Reconnecting Roots premieres on SCETV on April 20 at 8:30 p.m. and continues to air weekly. More information on Reconnecting Roots and previous episodes can be found on the SCETV website


“We’re excited for Season 3 of Reconnecting Roots because we know it will continue to engage a new generation of viewers while sharing intriguing facts from the past and encouraging us all to make a better future.” –SCETV Interim President and CEO Dr. Stephanie Cook

“SCETV is excited to present a third season of this innovative history series. It’s fun, quirky and, most of all, informative.” –SCETV Director of National Content and Regional Operations Don Godish

Reconnecting Roots is a show designed to spark generational conversations and inspire learning while staying attached to the roots that made us. It’s important to reflect on the ancestry, legacy, customs and culture that brought us to the present as we continue to move forward, both technically and culturally.” Reconnecting Roots Host Gabe McCauley


  • Season 3 of Reconnecting Roots premieres on SCETV Thursday, April 20 at 8:30 p.m.
  • Through culture and history, Reconnecting Roots puts a lens on American values before they’re lost to time with host Gabe McCauley.
  • The series is produced by lilDRAGON and presented by SCETV.
  • For more information on Reconnecting Roots, visit or the SCETV website.

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