Read to Succeed (R2S) Courses

photo of several students sitting on bench reading books

ETV LEARN offers two Read to Succeed (R2S) courses.

    RDLA267: Teaching Phonics and Spelling for Beginning and Transitional Readers, Second Edition (syllabus)
    RDLA272: Vocabulary as a Foundation for Learning (syllabus)
  • Each course is primarily intended for K-3 educators, however, per the South Carolina Department of Education, ANY educator can take the course to satisfy the corresponding R2S credit need.
  • Each course costs $265 and earns 60 Renewal Credits.
  • Courses are offered throughout the year. View current offerings and enroll via our Recertification Courses page
  • Payment with a debit/credit card (no American Express) is preferred, however check payments are also accepted. * Enrollments made via check payment are not confirmed until the check clears. 
  • These R2S courses are the same courses we offered under our TeacherLine Southeast program. If an educator took the course under TeacherLine and received credit for it, they cannot re-take the course now and receive credit.

Course features:

  • Active facilitator guidance & feedback    
  • Engaging peer discussions
  • Flexible, 6-weeks, reflective learning
  • Authentic tasks + tech tools

Participation information:

  • The courses are not self-paced. Content is delivered on a weekly basis – no moving ahead or back, however your time within the week is flexible. There are no set login times or such. 
  • Each course will last 6 weeks. You can expect about 8-10 hours of coursework each week depending on your comfort level with the content and working online. 
  • Discussion board participation is required at least 3 times per week (generally at least once in the first few days of the week, once around the middle of the week, and once towards the end of the week).
  • Most assignments will be due at the end of the week, however it’s possible one or two might be due mid-week or such.

Questions/concerns? Email or call 1-888-761-8132.