Pimento Cheese in SC | Carolina Snaps

Many might say that South Carolina cuisine is defined by barbecue found across the state, and some might say seafood from the coast, but all can agree that every South Carolina party needs one thing -  pimento cheese.  

Pimento cheese is a cheese spread that consists of cheddar cheese and pimento peppers.  Pimento cheese can include mayonnaise, cream cheese, or both. Additionally, many home chefs and cooks will add their own flair with jalapenos, Worchester sauce, hot sauce and more.  

The spread was first originally found in a copy of Good Housekeeping in 1908. The recipe called for cream cheese, pimento peppers, and a few other ingredients. Within a matter of time, farmers across the South began to mass produce the peppers in the wake of the spread’s rising popularity.  

The cheese is well known for its versatility, as many will eat it on a vegetable platter, between two pieces of bread, or on crackers.  

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