The History Behind the University of S.C. Horseshoe | Carolina Snaps


Did you know that the University of South Carolina is not only a campus, but also was a Civil War site?  

Founded in 1801, the University of South Carolina is one of the oldest campuses in the state of South Carolina. USC's history started with Rutledge Chapel, which was the first, and at one point, the only building on the Historic Horseshoe.  

The Longstreet Theatre, located adjacent to the Horseshoe on College St., was used as a morgue and a hospital during the Civil War. Prior to becoming the theatre, it is today, it also was a gymnasium, a science hall, and used as an arsenal and armory.  

Additionally, the wall that splits the green from Sumter St. Originally stood six feet nine inches high. The wall stopped the fire in the burning of Columbia during the Civil War in 1865, keeping the flames from ruining college grounds. 

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